Scott Fraser Photography

Scott Fraser is a Commercial, Portraiture and Lifestyle (sports & fitness) photographer based in beautiful Victoria, BC.

Born in Montreal and raised in Alberta he is a professional who has deep passion for the creative/innovative and artistic approach to photography. His work has reached international recognition with his unique eye and blend of East-meets-West coast style and has been displayed in galleries around the world.

Heavily influenced by such Masters as Jean L. Sieff, Pierre Boulat, and Brian Duffy, Scott’s work has been used by all types of commercial industrialists; from small business owners that want a competitive edge, local non-profits to global NGOs, to large multi-national retailers and corporations that require a specific image to convey their message and products.

Scott is a visual communicator with a strong marketing background, who can provide creative branding ideas and has over 20 years experience in print & digital marketing as well as creative direction.

A professional and perfectionist at heart, he enjoys the challenge of creating innovative, cutting edge photographs for the purpose of marketing. He can transform your team’s look, your company's products or your corporate messaging in a matter of days, providing you with the ultimate package for promotion.

His work has covered a wide range of scopes. Photoshoots for artists, athletes, models, musicians, NGOs, and major branding and media advertisement campaigns. Scott currently resides on the west coast of Canada and commutes almost anywhere around the world.

Other Specialties:

- Social Media

- Branding

- Traditional Print and Digital Marketing

- Communications

- Website design, strategy and implementation

- Presentations and pitches

- Business Development, Channel Development - Business and marketing plans